Daniel radcliffe and tom felton dating latian dating

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On The CW show, the blonde babe will be playing Julian Dorn, another CSI working alongside Grant Gustin's character Barry Allen. happened to see Tom's tweet and dropped a truth bomb about him on the world!

Daniel Radcliffe — who played Harry Potter aka the hero of the series and, perhaps, an entire generation — doesn’t have the green eyes his character is supposed to but he did strip down naked when he starred in the horse play .

Tom Felton played Draco Malfoy and is, by all reports, the total opposite of his character — he’s apparently a really nice guy.

Since leaving the Wizarding World behind, Felton has starred in Belle, Labyrinth and Murder in the First.

And he's about to dominate cinema screens again in action film Stratton, thriller Message from the King, war flick Grint made his name as Harry's best friend Ron.

The 28-year-old was also photographed rolling, then smoking a cigarette while wandering the get-together.

We guess you'll have to tune in when season three of Back in 2011, Emma Watson opened up about how her first crush EVER was on Tom Felton! What she ended up getting was a sexist slap in the face from her boss, who responded to her request for an unpaid day off with an extraordinarily rude email! actor Matthew Lewis grew up and out of his awkward phase which sent the entire world into a veritable maelstrom of shock and bewilderment, as though no one has ever witnessed someone blossom from below-average looks to slightly-above.He recently posed for some risque photos, similar to Justin Bieber‘s Calvin Klein underwear campaign — most of Matthew’s clothing is not on his body.Noticeably absent was Felton’s longtime girlfriend Jade Olivia, whose birthday fell on that weekend.Olivia chose to celebrate in Palm Springs, apparently without her famous hubby…Leung starred as Harry's love-interest Cho Chang, appearing in five of the Harry Potter movies.


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