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Kate Middleton, with her easy smile and long-suffering patience during an eight-year relationship, is definitely not HM.On the other hand, Prince Harry’s on-off (currently off) girlfriend, Zimbabwe-born Chelsy Davy, fits the HM bill perfectly – which makes passions run precariously high. By definition, a woman cannot be "high maintenance" on her own. But not every man wishes to meet them, and this is where "high maintenance" comes into play. A high-maintenance woman is considered to be emotionally needy, rather than financially or physically demanding.

And too many of us don't see the warning signs until it is, alas, too late and we have been reduced to snivelling, weak, insecure shells of our true, pre-High Maintenance Girl days. The metaphor of "maintenance" is commonly used in relation to women, and it is deeply offensive.They are seeking a partner who will offer value to them (sex, company, affection, status, an end to loneliness) whilst putting in the minimal effort.Men therefore should be looking for women who are young and attractive (since those are tells of fertility), while women should be looking for men who are resourceful, high-status and able to stick around to raise the offspring.These would be considered high mate-value partners. But what does this mean, to be "emotionally needy"? Men like Bill of Tinder don't wish to extend themselves to truly connect with another person.


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