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v=945w Etsl-Us N/A [THE [email protected]] Agent Yoru wo Yuku (ust) by fuchikoma / sm12543 N/A Aigekikikou(short) (ust) by N. P_livedoor / off vocal (pass:rinmetal) / sm3218654 Albino (ust) by Nanitozo P / off vocal / sm9485673 Alice (ust) by yokujuuyurisou / off vocal * click パソコンへ転送 / nm7869327 Alice of Human Sacrifice by Hatred For Commercials / off vocal / sm3143714 Alice of Human Sacrifice (ust) by koorima1 / off vocal sm3143714 Alice of Human Sacrifice (sheet music) by Hijiri / off vocal sm3143714 Alias Check's Song (ust) with off vocal by Neko Uchino / sm11023648 / Alrighty Guy's Song (vsq, ust) by Kumataro [Bakemonogatari] Ambivalent World (ust) by sm11676627 anger with off vocal by Tripshots / sm3183550 Another World is Mine (ust) by Macco / sm3604990 ANTI THE∞HOLi C (ust) by Vocaloid Imai / off vocal / sm7781905 ANTI THE∞HOLi C (ust) by Midorimushi / off vocal / sm7781905 Anticipation of Destruction and Ecstasy by Suzuki P / sm9251026 Are You Lying?(ust) ARi A (ust) by sou77 / off vocal / sm10544006 Aria, Born In The Ocean (ust) by ■P Author Unknown (ust) with off vocal pass:luna by sarekinoto / nm6333158 Bad Apple! (ust) by Kumataro / off vocal / sm9510460 [Gintama] Bakuchi Dancer (ust) by Okita Lean P Ballade (ust) by namiko89 / off vocal Bamboo Trees Sway by Chie / off vocal / sm7552783 Be Careful About Miku Mold! B_f.ust) by Torikon P EDEN by Morio-Morito / off vocal [Simon & Garfunkel] El Condor Pasa (If I Could) (ust) by dormouse / off vocal N/A Electric Angel (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P envy. P_livedoor Goodbye to Alice (ust) by Ezri / nm7597023 / off vocal [Haruhi] Greed's accident with off vocal by Aster Selene N/A Gymnaster Savatieri (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P GO MY WAY!!You can choose your language settings from within the program.I'm an indifferent Lenfag & Oliverfag mistranslator :3 You can use any translations I've done w/o crediting me but not the ones done by other awesome people. d=4OLA22WZ Hack 3.55 Firmware PS3 _Jaibreak_ NO MOD CHIP! d=S32HETED How to Flash a Lite-On DG-16D2S (74850C) Xbox 360 DVD Drive with i Xtreme LT Jungle Flasher v1.76/Lite-On i Xtreme LT : d=0TZYIYEN How to Mod Black Ops Zombies with a USB (No Clip, God Mod and More) Modded GPD: d=ODLIDGNQ How to Mod Black Ops Zombies (Unlimited Ammo_Sprint) modded.xex: d=IXF42474 How to Mod Halo_ Reach (Highest Rank, Unlock Everything and Max Credits) Modded GPD: redirect=viewtopic.php&t=6828167 Xbox Backup Creator: It is possible to change the view between the thumbnail grid and detail view of filenames with this button: The detail view is useful to find particular games within the folder for systems with large numbers of covers, since you can use Ctrl F to search for a particular games.

Originally Posted by Zajora Here is a link to the Dropbox backup I created.

This blog is a Vocaloid DB for myself and hopefully for you as well.

I hardly read any comments both on my yt channel and blog, so plz don't expect me to reply.

by Hayaya P Be MYSELF by sango312 Bird of Paradise (ust) by Riremata P / off vocal Birth by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal Bitter×Sweet by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal Black and White Genealogy (sheet music) (pass: piano) by toya Black★Rock Shooter (ust) by Lady Gallade N/A BLAZE (ust) (pass: yurahonya)by Yurahonya P Block Doll (ust) by koorima1 / off vocal / sm8981824 Blue Amber by Seiko P / nm10778064 Blue Bird by sm3393035 [NARUTO] Blue Bird (ust) by Okita Lean Blue Bird (ust) by Kumataro Boy Jet by Chie P bpm (ust) by Artemi Sayuri / off vocal [BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER] Braveheart by Aster Selene Breeze by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal [Digimon Adventure] Butter-fly (ust) #17 by Merihiyo P / off vocal [Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly] Butterfly (ust) by yokujuuyurisou / off vocal / sm2730132 Butterfly, Butter Knife (ust) pass: utau by ametama69 (sm6038565) Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder (ust) by masterchichan / off vocal Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder (ust) by noname / off vocal Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder (Len ver.) (ust) by Kuroyama / off vocal By the Sickle (ust) pass: teto by sarekinoto Camellia (ust) by Jibunga P off vocal Campanella (ust) by Chasing Fireflies / karaoke / sm8639738 Can't I Even Dream? (ust) by shao / off vocal / nm8875235 Eryngii Now (vsq, ust) by Koma / off vocal / sm10733834 Escaping From A Chick (vsq) by Han'nya G / off vocal / sm9901754 Escaping From A Chick (ust) by Jibunga P / off vocal / sm9901754 Escaping From A Chick (ust) by Dahlia P / off vocal / sm9901754 Esmeralda by Seiko P Eternal Choir (midi) by Morio-Morito / off vocal Eternal Misty Capital (vsq) with off vocal (pass: rainyday) by rainyday [ARIA] Eufolia by harunacute P Evacuate The Dancefloor by matt9five [The Police] Every Breath You Take by sango312 Farewell Song (ust) (pass: kaito) by Agi☆ / off vocal Fashion Fighter Mamura~ (ust) by Ashioto P / off vocal (pass: utau) First Love Forecast by Morio-Morito / off vocal First Tone (ust) by navysky1995 / off vocal *click パソコンへ転送 / sm1274898 Flitter (ust) / off vocal by Mimirobo P Extended by Tripshots Fair Weather for the Stray Dog to Run (ust) with off vocal by navysky1995 N/A faista (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P Fake Love with off vocal by rashly man [Lady Gaga] Fashion (ust) with off vocal (pass: Fashio N) by matt9five Fate: Rebirth (ust) by Jibunga P N/A Final Reason (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P Fire◎Flower (ust) (pass: fireflower) by Yoyo / off vocal / sm4153727 Fleeting Moon Flower (ust) by Jibunga P Flower Cradle (ust) by Kumataro Flurry (ust) by Macco / off vocal (pass: gackpo) by Nori P Fluttering (ust) Fluttering, Swaying (ust) by kohigashi Flying Start by Chie P Fly Me To The Moon (ust) Fly with me (short-size) with off vocal by SOSOSO For a Dead Girl (ust) by Banoetelchan / off vocal / sm8269133 [Fruits Basket] For Fruits Basket (ust) by Hatsune Miku Vocaloid2 for you (midi, off vocal) (pass: foryou) by hidariuchi12 forbidden fruit by Tripshots N/A Forgetting Love Suicide (ust) by N. P_livedoor Four-leaf Clover (ust) by Soraironeko / off vocal Four-leaf Clover (ust) by kohigashi Fragment of Dreams (ust) with off vocal by Suzaku P (sm9051958) [Touhou] Frog Stone (ust) by sm10328040 / off vocal from Y to Y (ust) by masterchichan Full Moon Dinner (ust) with off vocal by Okita Lean P / nm6199826 [Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan] Futari no Mojipittan (ust) with off vocal by foriamjustice / watch? MANIAC (ust) by nm10348116 [YUI] good-bye days (ust) by haloheroine / watch? (ust) by Momomomo [Bran Van 3000] Go Shoppin' (ust) by Riremata P [Haruhi] God Knows (vsq)(ust) by Fullmetal Fumfum [Haruhi] God Knows [tv size] by harunacute P [YUI] Goodbye Days (ust) by haloheroine / off vocal Good Morning Emma Sympson by Mucho Gratitude by 19's Sound Factory / off vocal Gravitation (ust) / off vocal / off voal w/o chorus by Mimirobo P [WOLF'S RAIN] gravity (ust) by Luciferx Lafeye Guilty Rose (ust) pass: bloodydollguiltyrose6 by Haru Vampire / sm2519230 Guilty Verse (ust) by Zetta Sloooow / off vocal [Umineko] Happiness of Marionette (ust) by Dachorganisation Happy Monday Good Morning by Morio-Morito / off vocal [Touhou] Happy Rabbit (ust) by USagi Bi [Hetalia] Hata Futte Parade (ust) by The Saymoi Hating Sakura by Chūhai P Hating Sakura ver 0.2 by Chūhai P Heartbroken Summit (ust) by umbrellaguns [SHINING WIND] Heart-shaped chant (ust) by Luciferx Lafeye heavenly blue (ust) by koorima1 [THE IDOL [email protected]] HELLO!! / midi Hello Planet (ust) by navysky1995 Hesitation Cybernetics (ust) (pass: ruko) by kenchan Hidalgo (ust) by noname Hitori Yurari Hitori Yurari (Eng) by Sango312 Honey by sm1568682 Hope (ust) by umbrellaguns / off vocal / sm5911252 How About Secrets of UTAUloid (ust) / off vocal / by Mimirobo P How The Summer Is (harmony vsq) by Easy Pop / off vocal N/A I Can Take Off My Panties!

by 1FNPONY / off vocal Calvados by NEET P / off vocal N/A Canary (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P / off vocal / sm4133656 Cantarella N/A Cantarella (ust) (pass: yurahonya)by Yurahonya P Cantarella (sheet music) by sm3873494 Caoin by seiko-P Cat Ears Switch (ust) by axelfel Cell's Stellar Theater (ust) by Torikon P / off vocal / sm9024225 Cendrillon (ust) by noname Chain Girl (ust) by Kumataro / off vocal / sm8619805 Chain Girl (ust) by umbrellaguns / off vocal / sm8619805 Chaining Intention (vsq & ust) by Lupin AKAFlash TH / off vocal / sm5180053 Chaosmaid (ust) with off vocal by Utau Reni / sm5709037 Charade (aka Nazotoki/The riddler who can't solve riddles) (ust) by Krystal Cherry Blossom / off vocal / sm10005591 Child's Garden (midi) by Maō Chocolate Magic (ust) by nmasao / off vocal Choose Me (ust) by Riria / off vocal / sm11269476 [Touhou] Cirno's Perfect Math Class (midi) by idk [Touhou] Cirno's Perfect Math Class (ust) by The UTAUStudio S Chocolate Cup After School by Chie P Clock lock works (ust) by KANGDANIM / off vocal / sm8933166 N/A Clockwork's Swallowtail (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P CLOVER (Rin) (Miku) by musikadelik / off vocal / sm10495307 Clover Club by sango312 Coherent by KAY / off vocal Cool Len's Song (ust) by Spores / off vocal Coward Mont Blanc (ust) by KAIn E / off vocal (pass:amatou) / sm10393864 Creepy Toast (vsq, off vocal, midi) by mattfive9 / watch? v=9Ew Zzv B-12g&fmt=34 Gacha Gacha Cute [email protected] by sango312 Gemini (ust) by Star Cassiah / off vocal / sm2540481 ggrks (ust) with off vocal by haloheroine GHOST (ust) by Chuka / off vocal / sm7106513 Give Me Your Everything (ust) by Jibunga P / off vocal / sm9291468 Glimmers On a Snowy Night (ust) by Macco / off vocal Go To Hell, Wedding Bells with off vocal *scroll down by Koraboya [K-ON! (ust) (pass: yurahonya) by Yurahonya P / off vocal / sm10977110 I Could Let Out by Japanese Business Man P / off vocal / sm10487448 I Don't Need Anything (ust) with off vocal by Suzaku P (sm9218527) I've Got a Part-Time Job on Xmas by Chie P [Haruhi] I've Gotta Skip Town To Reset My Life by sango312 If I Could Be Invisible (ust) (pass: utau) by ametama69 (sm8747914) If You Seek Amy by Sango312 In The Scented Winds by Chūhai P I Am an Ash Cat (ust) I Like You, I Love You (ust) by coco418sukoshi I Like You, I Love You (ust) (pass: ssss) by yamada__ I Love You, I Love You, I Love You by rebecca / off vocal I Planted Chocolata (lyrics vsq) (conversation vsq) by Chie / midi I Rule (ust) by Reisen & Miwa / off vocal / sm10020765 I Swear To The Sky Where You Are Not by NEET P I Want You To Hold Me (ust) by sm11163726 / sm11106992 I Was Once a Frog (ust) pass: momo by sarekinoto I Yearn For You by Easy Pop I'll Make You Miku Miku (ust) by sm9183661 I'll Make You Miku Miku (sheet music) by PSP no Occhan I'll Quit Singing (vsq, ust, midi, off vocal) by sango312 I'll Quit Singing (vsq, fixed by me) credit goes to sango312 I'll Quit Singing (ust) by Jibunga P / off vocal I'll Sing a Song Like a Flower Blooming Around a Corner by Chūhai P I'll Smile Somday, I'll Be Always Smiling (sheet music) by Tamāzu P / off vocal [Dream Club] I'm In Love With (mp3 / vsq / ust / midi) (pass: daisuki) by Doofus-P Ievan Polkka (ust) with off vocal & midi by Krystal Cherry Blossom/Luna Ievan Polka (ust) 1,2,3 by idk [Ichigo100%] IKE IKE by sango312 IMITATION BLACK IMITATION BLACK (ust) (pass: IBust) by Torikon P IMITATION BLACK (ust) by Macco IMITATION BLACK (sheet music) (pass: kurio) by kurio Imitator (midi) by Uta P / off vocal Innocence with off vocal by sango312 / sm1826238 Innocence with off vocal (ust) by Krystal Cherry Blossom/Luna [Macross F] Interstellar Flight by Ciel N/A Iroha Song (ust) by N. P_livedoor Iroha Song (male ver.)(ust) (pass: Iroha_Ds_ust) by Torikon In the Artificial Time (ust) pass:teto by sarekinoto Infinite Darkness and Infinite Light with off vocal by rashly man It's My Road Roller (ust) by Ecstasy Darks It's Been a Year Since The Hero was Killed by a Giant Anteater by maroki / midi / nm4310042 IT Revolution of Love (midi1) (midi2) by Y no Hito IT Revolution of Love (ust) by masterchichan jewelfish (ust) (pass: Jewel_F_ust) by Torikon P Junkey Dancer (ust) (pass: utau) by Hatena / off vocal / sm3469301 Just Be Friends by Sango312 Just Be Friends (ust) by Manzan Kasane Teto Teto (ust) with off vocal by nm10381863 Kill x (ust) with off vocal by Okita Lean Kimura Term (ust) / off vocal / off vocal w/o chorus / REAPER file by Mimirobo P (sm8585086) [Pandora Hearts] Kinji rareta Asobi with midi and off vocal by sango312 Kiss Me by Sango312 [Kara no Kyōkai] Kizuato (ust) by sm10187668 KOKORO by Beatiful Sky KOKORO (ust) KOKORO/KOKORO・KISEKI (ust) by noname Koto Koto☆Romantic Night (ust) (pass: crn) by Yōyō [Reborn! Frog] Kurutto Mawatte Ikkaiten (vsq)(ust) with off vocal by sango312 / watch?


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