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Central Australia was crossed by the sea, and the eastern margin and ocean floor were flooded by grains of quartz (and 600–500 Ma zircon) from Antarctica.

Ice centres in North Africa and southern South America/Africa waxed and waned in the latest Ordovician, Early Silurian, latest Devonian, and Early Carboniferous.

Many permanent or temporary conditions can reduce thyroid hormone secretion and cause hypothyroidism.

About 95% of hypothyroidism cases occur from problems that start in the thyroid gland.

For Hakubi Researchers who moved to the new position at or before the expiration of their term, the name of the affiliation is shown below the name of each Hakubi Researchers.

Normalised to a common standard, they all lie within error of each other, and indicate a magmatic crystallization ages of between 248-250 Ma (Figure 1).The first clear picture of Gondwanaland, in the Cambrian, shows the assembly of continents with later Laurentian, European and Asian terranes along the “northern” margin, and with a trench along the “western” and “southern” margins, reflected by a 10,000-km-long chain of 530–500 Ma granites.The interior was crossed by the Prydz–Leeuwin and Mozambique Orogenic Belts." to Foster and Support Young Researchers since 2009 and has accepted applications.Strict examination has been held such as applicant screening by the expert committee of the Kyoto University Young Researcher Development Center and interview by the Hakuraku Council.Gondwanaland straddled the equator at 540 Ma, lay wholly in the Southern Hemisphere by 350 Ma, and then rotated clockwise so that at 250 Ma Australia reached the S pole and Africa the equator.


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