Who is ed hartwell dating 2016

interview on any public platform on my private issues with any ex.

Keisha Knight Pulliam has revealed she and Ed Hartwell are officially husband and wife.

I just want to make sure it is mine." Hartwell denied that he himself had cheated in response to Pulliam's recent allegations.

The actress had denied being unfaithful and accused Hartwell of infidelity on Wednesday's episode of .

“All she was mad about was, ‘You don’t want to have a baby, but you’re mad about her baby. Once I was pregnant, I did decide to give him that one last chance.”A rep for Knight Pulliam declined to comment when contacted by Us Weekly.

Lisa mentioned the fact that she was surprised Ed married Keshia considering their history. Keshia said on her podcast she has been — and never will be — friends with Lisa Wu.

They were divorced many years before we even started dating and yes we live in Atlanta, it’s a small town. And if you were categorized as friends with everyone you took a picture with, would that be accurate?

I just want to say that I have no desire to continue to be a part of that lie and to continue to be part of a false made up story line that puts me in a defamatory, derogatory light and I don’t have anything more to say about that.

Ed Hartwell is telling his side of the story following his split from wife Keshia Knight Pulliam. Our lives and wants are headed two different directions' ... He said, 'Please, I want my family,' all of the right things.

The 38-year-old former NFL player explained his decision in an interview with Page Six after filing for divorce from the 37-year-old actress a week after she announced she's pregnant with their first child. What I learned about her is that if she wants something, she wants it now and she's going to get it." Hartwell, who is requesting a paternity test, claimed he and Pulliam had stopped having sex prior to her pregnancy and suggested the actress would go to extreme lengths, including cheating, to have a child. This is his daughter." "I was ready to leave [when I found out he cheated]," the star claimed. Once I was pregnant, I did decide to give him that one last chance." Hartwell and Pulliam married in January after four months of dating.


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